Sunday, March 29, 2009

DIRECT GARDENING is a great plant site where plants are shipped right to your residence at nominal charges. There are tow ways in which you can build and maintain your garden. The first way is to start from scratch wherein you get the seeds and sow them into the soil and then wait for the plants to grow. The other case is to buy plantings straight away from nurseries and websites like and then just planting them in the soil. These plantings will grow further and then divide so that more plants grow. ships almost all plants that are normally grown in a garden. You can order from flower seeds, fruit and nuts, hedges, herbs, house plants, trees, extra supplies for gardening, vegetables, vines, water plants and much much more. The website ahs excellent photographs of all plants that it has put up on sale. Also there is a planner section wherein you enter information on the types of plants that you would like to grow in your garden. The planner has a form in which you enter details of the types of plants that you would like to grow in your garden and then you have to enter your zip code. The garden planner will tell you which type of plants from the list you have chosen can you grow in your area. This is because every plant needs a particular type of environment and soil to grow.

One of the most useful features on the website is the advanced search feature. Here you can enter particulars about the type of climate that you have around where you stay and also you enter particulars on the height of the plants that you want. You also enter the colors of plants that you require. Next you can also enter the season of color like spring, summer, autumn and winter. Based on your queries the website will show you the type of plants that you can buy. This search feature proves to be very useful as it you can shorten your plant wish list further and then take a final decision.

There is also the Gardener's ebook that you can download and refer for any tips on gardening. In case you would like to buy any plant from the website, you can simply order the plant online by filling in the order form. Your order will take 1-2 weeks for processing and then the plants are shipped to your place. The period of delivery depends on the distance of your residence and also other factors like weather conditions.

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